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Our Clinic

The International Orthopaedic Clinic was established to provide quality Singapore orthopaedic surgery services to the local and expatriate community in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region. From Dr Alan Cheung's experiences training and working in England, Australia and Singapore, the dedicated orthopaedic surgeon believes that communication and empathy is vital for patients no matter what their background is. Dr Cheung enjoys understanding his patients' needs and providing realistic expectations and practical solutions for their problems.

Experiencing Pain in Your Joints and Muscles?

Dr Alan Cheung is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in the treatment of sports injuries such as torn ligaments and tendons, fractures and sprains, cartilage injuries, and even bone cancer. He is skilled in minimally invasive joint reconstruction and the use of advanced robotic surgery (Makoplasty, Navio and Robodoc) for better surgical outcomes and reduced downtime.